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House Rules for All Samgry Psychics

General Terms

Your usage of the Services as a Psychic is determined by the house rules specified below.

All capitalized terms not otherwise specified above shall have the meaning assigned to them in the Terms.

House Rules

If you violate these rules, you will be removed from the Website immediately, with no exemptions.

โ— Do not promote your own business on the Website

โ— You should never try to divert a user away from us

โ— You must not approach any User outside the Website, whether by phone, email, or social media. This entails either seeking their contact information or offering them your own.

โ— Only you can offer services through your profile. You must NEVER allow anyone else to conduct services on your behalf.

โ— You cannot increase your rate to Users to perform services like curse removal or chakra cleansing. Services to users of this type must be provided at the standard fee per minute.

โ— You shouldn't increase your rate between readings with users if you know they will be returning soon, such as to recharge their account.

โ— You may only raise your rate once each month, and not by more than 20% at one go.

โ— You cannot discuss evil spirits, dark magic, bad souls, spell casting, or curses. If a consumer initiates a conversation regarding this, you must inform them that you cannot advise on these matters

โ— You should never participate in sex talk with Users. A minority of users will make obscene comments, engage in explicit talks, or reveal themselves via video. You must end the conversation immediately and notify Us.

โ— You must never utilize artificial intelligence or other word generators to perform readings for users.

โ— You must never give Services to any User who is plainly under the age of 18. Some minors misrepresent their age on the sign-up page, so if you believe or know that a minor is using the Services, you must cease the chat immediately and notify Us.

โ— You may not discriminate based on race, ethnicity, their nationality, class, caste, religion, belief, sex, gender, language, or sexual orientation. Tolerance is required of all of our psychics.

โ— You must respond immediately to communications from Your account manager requesting modifications to Your profile. We require our psychics to be professional in their demeanor and simple to connect with.

โ— If you will be unable for whatever reason during your planned time, you must notify your account manager.

โ— There is no excuse for using abusive language or sending harsh, abrupt emails to your account manager.

โ— You are not permitted to make predictions to Users regarding death, accidents, or calamities. You should also avoid predicting the outcome of critical medical illnesses, since even well-intentioned "you'll be fine" statements can be potentially hazardous. For example, if a User had cancer, they may choose not to see their doctor because their Psychic said they will be alright

โ— You are not permitted to make medical diagnoses, particularly those concerning pregnancy, IVF difficulties, pregnant health, or birthing outcomes. Health difficulties can only be addressed within the greater context of chakras, reiki, and energy. It is your responsibility to notify the appropriate authorities if you hear anything that indicates the user is in danger or poses a threat to others

โ— You must not predict legal results or discuss legal issues and court cases.

โ— We need honesty in all situations. This applies to your profile picture. It must be current and about you.

โ— Under no circumstances shall You provide or recommend a refund to the User. This is outside of your remit as an Advisor, and it misleads users to believe that you may authorize refunds.

โ— You must not ask customers to give a five-star review. This must be their choice to leave any rating they choose, not one imposed by you.

โ— Readings must be conducted in English only. No other languages are permitted.

PLEASE NOTE: These House Rules Policy may be updated from time to time at our discretion.

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