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What Is A Tarot Card Reading ?

By samgry |

December 20, 2022

What is a Tarot card Reading?

The tarot is a form of divination tools. This form of divination is a sacred practice that dates to the 1800 centuries. The tarot then was as cartomancy and used to tell the fortune of kings and rich royals. Over time the ways of practice using the tarot has evolved however, the divination system remains the same. The tarot consists of a deck of cards that has a total of 78 cards with symbols and images on them. Some tarot decks have no images on them just symbols. There is an original tarot deck and since then to now there are millions of versions of the tarot deck, and some may have more pictures than others and so forth. In addition, any deck created is based on that of the original tarot system.

The representation of major arcana and minor arcana

Within the 78-card deck 22 of these cards are known as the major arcanum. The major arcanum meaning the major secrets. The 22 major arcanum represents the higher trumps within the deck. The majors are a representation of karma, desires, needs and shadows of the human psyche. The rest of the 56 cards, the minor arcanum, (little secrets) are divided into four suits: wands, cups, pentacles, and swords. Each suit is of numbers 1-10 and an Ace of the suit as well as king, queen, and knight of the suit. The minor arcanum are in representation of the outsiders in the querants environment or may represent a characteristic trait brought about by the person. Though the basic tarot is of the major and minor arcanum cards there is a strong set of fundamentals that intertwine with the tarot and various life forces. These consist of birthdates, seasons, elements, numeric, alphabetic, and all of which is anything in the universal makeup. The tarot shows and tells how everything, and anyone is all interconnected. When one is seeking the tarot, it is due to its wonders and worries of their lives. Others come for future oriented notions. Most times tarot is pursued because of infidelity or worries of the heart. If the reader is other than that of self-read, there may be a number of factors need to be considered.

The different types of layouts of the tarot cards

During a tarot session or reading spill however you want to title the process, there is a need-to-know basis of energetic essence that is brought about as soon as the reader and querent begin to communicate. As soon as both are comfortable and feel grounded to proceed through forth with the session. There are any questions and or concerns that are addressed by the querent and the reader than shuffles and begins to either carefully select the card and or may ask the querent to select the cards of choice. Other readers may even let the cards fall out into their own positions and read them in a structured layout. The layouts can be whichever is in accordance with the questions being asked. The most common of that of layouts the standard 3 card spread is modernized and gained its popularity for it is easy and straightforward. The standard layout is that of the Celtic cross. This spread is known as the standard layout and has positions for the spread to follow suit.

The deliverance of the messages through tarot cards

During the reading there is a story to be told by the reader to the querent. This session may lift the burdens of the mind and uplift the querent. But it also may devastate the querent if they were unaware of the secrets told by the divination tool. The key is if the tarot is sought for merely ego and worries of the ego mind and ego self then sooner or later. These readings will start to become like poison to the querent, becoming dependent on the deliverance of the messages. However, if the tarot is directed to be of use for self-growth and in connection with spirit source Allah. Whatever higher power you seek, then there is a self-proclaim longing to follow through with understanding. What life and here is in the now and how one is able to silence that of the tainted energetic field that is brought about by the shadows of anything that has light. There are many reasons why some seek the tarot, and reasons to why some refrain from its practice. Whatever is the choice on ways to utilize the tarot is solely up to the user. What messages that one chooses to intake from the reading is either helpful or detrimental to the mind and if not detrimental to the heart. Choose wisely for whom is chosen to decode the messages for you. The tarot is a divination tool that is truly a discovery to the inner realms of consciousness. And enables awareness for all that is of life and of the non-physical.      

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