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What Is Palm Reading?

By samgry |

January 13, 2023

What Is Palm Reading?

The ancient divination practice of Palmistry originated in China more than 4000 years ago. Also known as Chiromancy in Greek. It has also been found in India Sanskrit. Jyotish the practice of palm reading was a popular art within the Indian culture. A great reference of recommendation is, an ancient book, Shat Samudrika Shastra meaning, The Destiny in your hands. This is something to assist in strengthening the knowledge regarding this sacred art. Afterall, there is only one you therefore why would you not want to know all about yourself.

 Art of Palmistry

The Art of Palmistry is more than just the idea of fortune telling. Although, that is the popular method of palm reading. There were those who practice Palmistry as a way of entertainment. Then there are those who choose to expand their awareness in receiving spiritual downloads in the art of practice in Palmistry reading. Palmistry is a divination tool. This is a form of Astrology, and the map is imprinted on the divine hands. Within the hands beholds the key to the sacred map. It is believed that the story of the stars is imprinted on the body and the hands are the power points of energy. Each set of hands is different from the other. No pair is in simulation. In samgry, we have numerous of best palmistries to read your future so what you are waiting for get your palm reading toady ! There are many subjects in areas of Palmistry so the basis of this practice is what we will be touching down on. If you are familiar with Astrology and the planets, zodiac signs, and all that good stuff is what will be mapped out so it will make it much easier for you to perform a self-palm reading analysis. If not, it would be advised to refresh the fundamentals of astrology to map out your stary points.


The hands signify importance in palm reading so the dominant hand is said to be of destiny. The story of where ones headed. By dominant hand it is to which hand you write with. The other hand for most is usually the left hand, holds details to what the personality is. There is also a past life energy into the inheritance of gifts and foundation. It is the roots that bind you. Sometimes the other hand is not given as much of importance of the dominant hand. However, to get an in-depth detailed reading I like to read energy of the hands because I believe each individually holds key information. This is of importance because it brings about tools and resources to draw upon to which was unclear primarily. The Major Line Ups There are four major lines to pay mind to. The heart line is the first line on your right hand closest to heart-line is the first line on your right hand, closest to the beginning of your fingers and vertical. In the middle is your vertical wisdom-line. The lifeline stretches down to your wrist diagonally. The fate line runs up your hand, starting from your wrist. The lines should be deeper than that of the other lines on the hand. If the lines are in equally strong this is a good sign of success and prosperity. Line of the Head Tells the mentality of a person and if they are imaginative, creative, passive aggressive practical. These are sums of how a person analyzes things. This is in relation to how they intake information and also how they process things. Line of head is focused on that the mind. How good is the minds awareness and understanding? Line of Life Tells the vitality of a person and their overall health status. It shows the way one takes care of the body. If the person is concerned about the ways his/her life and if it is of importance more than other areas of life. What is the main concern and or function of the day-to-day life. It is the drill that comes for you when you least expect it.

Line Of Career

This area explains the importance of career and what one desires. It speaks of how much time and effort is to a family. This can also show weather this person will obtain a career with structure. This can also show when someone is always changing the plan. This speaks of how one decides to function in the role of the provider and if the professional environment gets the best.  Know more about your  career desitination from our samgry psychics. Fingers/ Phalanges The thumbs in palmistry are in representation of the will and Logic of the person. Tells the sense that they carry and need to compare to another section and the will and logic is all about showing where you are assertive and how you choose to grow. The bigger surface area in comparison will be dominant. Rings OF Solomon Tells if a person can humble themselves and be of service. it is how the person chooses to react to the needs of others. This shows the ways in which you serve for the embittered. It reveals where you are attach to things you are attach to. It is also the psychological mentality of a person is and the nature of the personality. The Bounds of Venus This area tells how honest and devoted they are into commitment; I say to love to be and to hold. Here in this placement everything is beautiful. This is where this the things that are of beauty and or of desires is located here. This is the temperament the person inhibits. Line of the marriage This area tells when you will have marriage. It speaks of who you will marry the kind of person you are and also all that someone has don't for you do you still love them. This is where you choose to break free from the curses of your ancestors. [caption id="attachment_1186" align="alignnone" width="2240"]palm-reading palm reading[/caption]  

The 4 mounts

Mount of Mercury This is where we receive information about your learning style you are writing how you communicate. Who you choose to communicate with. This show where you like to carry on a conversation. And also, what is worth your while to speak about. Mount of Apollo This is where we carry a wound that is forever imprint onto our psyche. It shows the way to transmute the energy into something great leading to victorious compromises. This is the area where you no longer choose to be a victim to the negative thing that you have experience, It is the location will you refuse to be a statistic. Mount of Saturn Here is where you locate the discipline in your life weather the path is negative or positive is what determines the way thing proceed with the new changes that have approached. This is where the dedication to keep status quo and good karma are at large. However, it is also where bas situations can occur, and Saturn is the test of how you choose to react to an action even if the misfortune is not to you. Mount of Jupiter This is the area where the blessings arise. That is where the good karma plays out in the manifestations which is like a genie in a bottle. This is where you reap the rewards for pushing through the changes.

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