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What Is Clairaudience And How To Develop Those Abilities?

By samgry |

December 23, 2022

What is Clairaudience and how to develop those abilities?

To hear clearly is to have clairaudience. We refer to our ear chakras as the conduits via which we perceive music, sounds, or voices. That are typically imperceptible to human hearing. We have the ability to hear both within i.e., in our head and outside of our ears. For instance, we may experience a voice that speaks suggestions, original ideas, clear paths in life, or solutions to our questions, either in our thoughts or right next to our ears. The voices we hear could be those of us

spirit team, including our guide or guardian angel. Your dominant hand is your male side, thus any voices you hear on that side are coming from your guide, and any messages you receive on the other side are coming from your angel. Over time, we must understand that when the angels give us a suggestion, it is their way of gently pointing us in the right direction. Our wills are free. We can always choose not to listen but doing so frequently results in unpleasant circumstances. However, the angels constantly give us a second chance to decide.

How To Develop Clairaudience

Keeping an eye on everything going on in your environment is one of the best and simplest techniques to enhance your clairaudience. Take a walk, for instance, and pay close attention to every sound you hear. Open your mental ears to the sounds around you. We begin by paying very close attention to our body, the sounds that our clothes create when they rub against it, and the sounds that our feet make when they strike the ground. Then listen to the bikers, the bees buzzing nearby, the birds chirping in the trees, and the wind in the leaves. Then listen a little further away to hear the noises of children playing, traffic, sirens, a lawnmower, a jet passing overhead, or a boat rushing by in the distance. Keep extending of ears to hear as far away as you can, and then gradually pull it back to hear Our feet once more striking the earth. By envisioning sounds, you can further develop your clairaudience. Imagine the sound of a guitar, a babies laugh, a cow mooing, or typing on a computer as you sit quietly. Spend some time in your mind creating each of the possible sounds you can think of. Another wonderful method you can utilize to aid in developing your clairaudience is meditation. Simply listen to your breathing while you are sitting quietly. Bring your attention back to your breath after taking in everything going on around you.

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