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What Is A Psychic Reading?

By samgry |

December 20, 2022

What is a Psychic Reading?

A psychic reading is not like a tarot reading or any other reading. It is exactly what it is titled and that is a psychic reading. A psychic reading is where there is a psychic and or a medium that can use physical energy to channel energy into the multifaced dimensions. And gather information to which is hidden and or being addressed. In a psychic reading the use of human senses is utilized and this is to say that these senses are further than that of the basic sensory abilities. The use of sense, smell, touch, hear, see, and all which is basic, in addition to these there are an extension as to a deeper instinctive attribute such as clairsentience (to feel), precognitive (to see), and clairaudience (to hear).

 Although a psychic reading needs no divination tools. There may be some psychic mediums who integrate the tarot, oracle cards, pendulums, and or psychic balls. The psychic mediums are sensitive to energy and can manipulate energy. That is what a psychic reading is in all actuality. The ability to see energy without necessarily seeing it physically. Energy is fluid and, in the ability, to accept energy as a conductor and a receiver it becomes easier to tune into the psychic conscious state. The necessary exercises and meditations can give the psychic eye an all-seeing eye.

What is an exchange energy?

In a psychic reading there is an exchange of energy in which some do not realize what extent of importance it is to be mindful of the energetic magnitude that is compromised and or condoned. Either way there is an energy exchange and if the psychic that is preforming the psychic reading is disciplined enough to inherit an even energy exchange, then that is a positive psychic reading. This kind of reading is what validates a great reading. This is true in energy does not lie. The reading makes you to feel the energy and easy due to the clarity you got what you need. In contrast, if the psychic reading left you feeling sad, down, and uneasy this is because there was not an even energy exchange. Meaning that one was giving more energy while it was not being reciprocating. In this matter this is known as an energy vampire. This type of leech is known as a psychic energy vampire. This is empowered by latching on to the energy and feeding off of it through creating fear and worry regarding a situation and or the self.

Prone to attack if you are vulnerable in your aura

They are more prone to attack if you are vulnerable in your aura. For instance, if someone uses drugs and they get a psychic reading. If the psychic is toxic, then they may be able to do more damage. Due to the holes being in the aura from drug use and other low vibrating energy levels. The aura and over all physical body and inner realms. And have a big interference when it comes to a psychic reading. This is all energy in the dynamic of extensive sensory senses. In working with manipulating this energy, one gains a higher perspective to their psychic awareness. Although a psychic reading is a risk, some are still willing to take that risk and decide for themselves. There are many factors as I said that portray what type of reading you may wish to proceed with.

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