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The Seven Major Chakras

By samgry |

January 2, 2023

Exploring the energy centers

There is a vital life force within every human body that is unbelievably powerful. The gift of life is a life itself. The body can produce and reproduce as well as act as a conductor for energy. The human body is made up of energetic wheels which produce vital life force for the body's natural inner being cocreator with the outer atmosphere. These energy wheels are known as Chakras. The word chakra arriving from the Sanskrit word meaning; wheels and referring to the energy points within the body's electromagnetic field. Although, there are as many as 114 chakra centers within the body, there are 12 major chakra systems. Of the 12 majors systems, 5 of those are in the outer layers of the body. The remaining 7 chakras are located at the base of the body's spine upward towards the top of the head. The root, sacral, the solar plexus, the heart, the throat, the 3rd eye, and the final crown chakra. Each of these systems have their own associations with color, frequency as well as controlled area of the body and the essence of energy being conducted and reconstructed in the human essence. This energy co-creates with all surrounding and all contacts of energy that produce the flow sequence of life occurrences as well as the reactions of the physical and emotional internal functioning of the human psyche.

The seven major chakras

The first major chakra also referred to as the root chakra is in the area at the base of the spine and is associated with the color red. The Root Chakra, (Muladhada), energy is constructed in the mid-section of the body. This area is in control of the skeleton bones, kidneys, colon, adrenal glands, bladder, and the blood flow to the left chamber of the heart. The root chakra is the where the creation of a firm foundation and roundedness is established internally followed by externally. The frequency of the root chakra is 963HZ. An affirmation for meditating with this energy is I AM. LAM, Survival mode. The second major chakra is The Sacral chakra (Swadhisthana), is associated with orange. This chakra can be found in the area below the navel. This center is in control of the element of water. The sacral chakra is in connection with the emotions and is all about connectivity. This major center rules how in control one is with the flow of ebb, flexibility, and freedom. Rules passion and sensuality experiences.  The sacral chakra is frequenting the 417HZ. An affirmation in connection with the sacral chakra is, VAM. Creating Freely. The third major chakra system is the Solar Plexus, also known as the Celiac Plexus, and in the language of Sanskrit, Manipura. This chakra is associated with yellow. The solar plexus is found in the belly of the human body. This major chakra system is in control of the intestines, indigestive systems,  the nerves and the confidence and ability of will within the person. It is the vital energy that is drawn upon when it is needed and the energy who controls itself. The solar plexus is frequenting the 528HZ. An affirmation is correlation with the solar plexus energy is that of, I stand in my own power. RAM The fourth major chakra system is the heart chakra, (Anahata), in the Sanskrit language. This chakra is in the center of the chest area. This chakra is in control of empathy, compassion, passion, and forgiveness. Is in connection with the heart, the lungs, the abdominal It is where we find the understanding and the unconditional love for ourselves, and we can love another person. This chakra is related to green. Green represents harmony, outdoors and mother earth. The frequency for the heart chakra is 639HZ. The affirmation for the heart chakra is, I am Love and Love is me. YAM. The fifth major chakra is the throat chakra. In the Sanskrit language the throat chakra is Vishuddha, which means Pure. This chakra is located at the center of the neck at the throat pit and is associated with the voice. This chakra is the energy where expression and communication conjoin in all that is of feeling and or knowledge. The throat chakra is the ruler of the throat, the cervix, teeth, tonsils, gums, teeth, thyroid glands as well as vocal cords. This chakra is associated with blue. Blue is in reference to the emotions, the inner realms, dreams, and illusions. The main element of the throat chakra is that of the ethers. The throat chakra is the frequency of 384HZ. The affirmation for this chakra is, I am an essential voice to the world and my voice is heard. HAM. The sixth chakra is the third eye chakra. Known as the gate to the soul. In Sanskrit the third eye chakra is, Ajna. This chakra is the ruler of the pineal gland. This chakra is located in between the eyes in the forehead area. This is known as the eyes that of the ability to foresee that of which is beyond the naked eye. The throat chakra is the prospective of imagination, intuition, creativity, dreams, and illusions. The color that is associated with the third eye chakra is indigo. This chakra vibrates on the 852HZ. The affirmation for the throat chakra is. I am wise and insightful. OM, The seventh chakra is the crown chakra, Sahasrara. The crown chakra is located just above the center of the top of the head. This chakra is in no association with any nerves. It is in the reigns of the pituitary glands. This chakra is what is the giver and receiver of conscious communication. The crown chakra is the connection between source or higher power and the soul within the human body. The heavenly gift that has been bestowed upon us since birth. In connecting with this chakra, it is said that one mastered the greatest enemy of all which is the EGO. The seven chakra systems are the source of the energy residing within the human energetic field. Therefore, in maintaining a healthy and loving connection within the self through the awareness and practice of establishing as well as maintaining a dedicated practice, religious or ritualistic devotion is what leads to the mastery of the self.

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