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The Most Compatible Zodiac signs for Relationships

By samgry |

January 15, 2023

Zodiac Compatibilities

We are in the middle of January 2023 and so far, there has been an unusual dynamic at hand. From the crazy holidays to the crazy weather, we may be in for a long year ahead. The astrological energies are potent this new year of 2023 and with the 7 energetic year it can turn about quickly. With the Sun still focused on the zodiac sign in Capricorn, there can be much talk about relationships and the work field. And with planets Pluto and Mercury in the house there may be some sneaky behavior going on. With Venus and Saturn in the eleventh house, there is somewhat of a friendship topic in the matter of love. Maybe mixing some lovers and friends. Or a friend who is always in your relationship business. Whichever energy the stars hold for you will surely be the fresh energy of 2023. The 7 energy is key to changing the chaos for the benefit of all.


Aries Love for you brings back some old memories for you. Perhaps even some triggers that can be self-sabotaging if not considered. The stars may have you questioning how far you have gotten, and a query passed lover may be your source of blame. However, it is asking yourself how you can turn the situation about with a water sign Cancer Pisces or Scorpio. Even a Gemini Libra or Aquarius Taurus Taurus there is a quarrelsome in your household with a lover due to financial obligations. The Air signs Libra, Gemini, Aquarius is probably not on your best side of blessings this January. However, a fire sign Leo Aries Sagittarius will bring you love and some luck in finances. Gemini Hot and spicy passion is fiery between yourself Gemini and a fire sign Aries, Leo, Sagittarius. Things can escalate quick and if it is just a hot and heavy fling the stars are asking to bring out the best self and have a good time. Bring sexy out and about. If you are dealing with a water sign Cancer, Pisces, Scorpio, there can be some heated discussions that will have you wanting to ignore communication. Cancer There are some dry emotions in your waters causing an undercurrent of seldom self-focus now. If you are dealing with an earth sign Capricorn Taurus Virgo there can be hurt feelings and leaving the other the total opposite and possibly annoyed. If there is a Leo Aries Sagittarius in the mix this may bring the two of you closer and some steamy action. Leo Leo there is a battle between lovers if you are in a relationship with a Cancer, Pisces and Scorpio and there are waterworks in sight. If you are dealing with a Gemini, Libra, or Aquarius then you two cannot see eye to eye at the moment. Be sure to control your reins because you may find yourself alone soon. Virgo The unexpected could hit you hard today, Virgo. A tough conversation with a family member could shake up your perception of someone you care about. A jealous coworker could try to guilt you into doing their bidding. Or a pushy boss could push you too hard. Whatever the case, resist this negativity. The enemy is inside you right now, Virgo, and it's up to you to find some courage. The more you give in to the manipulative energy around you, the worse this situation will get. Take the high road, Virgo! Libra You'll be in demand today, Libra, as chatty Mercury forms a tempting trine to tempting Neptune in your relationship sector. This alignment can inspire you to ask for what you deserve, and to get that which you will have always dreamed of from a special someone. If you do it right, this alignment could bring you both closer together. Scorpio A loved one may be distant today, Scorpio, as Mars forms a quincunx with sensitive Neptune. If you're in a relationship, this could be a frustrating day. If you're single, you might be wondering why you're being rejected by the opposite sex. Whatever the situation, try to put your best face forward. Let this person, know how much they mean to you. And don't try to force things. If you sense that they're avoiding you on purpose, just chalk it up to them having their own stuff going on. It's time to tighten up your relationships, Scorpio. A bewitching moon trines provocative Uranus in your opposite sign, boosting your independence and emboldening you to speak up about certain issues. But with this transit, you could be at risk of giving too much power to others. Avoid being manipulated and remember that what you get is up to you. Sagittarius Your mind can get in over its head today, Sagittarius, as Saturn forms a square with rebellious Uranus. A colleague may try to force you into accepting their ideas, even if they seem completely ridiculous. A glib friend will simply have you over a barrel by twisting your thinking. Or, an impulsive family member will insist on changing plans just for the sake of it. Don't let them use you as a tool today, Sagittarius, or you'll be doing their dirty work for them! A wily friend or coworker could try to take advantage of you today, Sagittarius, as cautious Mars forms a square with manipulative Neptune. Avoid letting this person get the better of you; instead, stay vigilant and guarded. Capricorn You're feeling so inspired today, Capricorn, as feisty Mars aligns with expansive Jupiter. But could this feel-good energy be masking some deep-seated issues? Or could someone be trying to distract you from your true goals? Whatever the case may be, don't gloss over these obstacles today. Take a deep breath and get back to pursing what you want in life. A houseguest could grate on your nerves today, Gemini, as sensitive Neptune forms a complicated square to erratic Uranus. Your coworker could try to pull a prank on you, or a jealous friend could lash out at you. Either way, be cool, laid-back, and detached from anyone trying to aggravate you today. Stay true to your chill, optimistic nature, and you all have far less drama to deal with! Aquarius You could be a bit overboard when it comes to your social calendar today, Aquarius, as emotionally intense Uranus squares off with ruling planet Pluto. Maybe you're going out with a group of friends more than you think is appropriate. Or, maybe you're saying yes to every opportunity that comes your way. Whatever it is, stop being so spontaneous and stick to a schedule! Feeling impulsive? Let this group of buddies know in advance that you'll be unavailable for the next few hours. Pisces You're more emotional than usual today, Pisces, as unsettling Uranus (which you've just entered your 12th house) squares off against challenging Neptune (which you've just entered your 12th house). These cosmic energies can leave you feeling so unsettled that you can't focus on anything. Why? Because you're supposed to feel unsettled. You're not supposed to feel grounded and secure in yourself. Aren't you? Cut yourself some slack, Pisces! As dreamy Neptune turns direct, you finally get a chance to catch your breath. If you've been struggling to keep yourself grounded, let this momentum propel you in the right direction. Think of this as a cosmic boost into the next phase of yours.  

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