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The Abilities Of Claircognizance

By samgry |

December 23, 2022

Ability to know things without explanation

Simply put, knowing is Claircognizance. The crown chakra is where this knowledge enters. We merely know someone, something, or an occurrence. The knowledge simply seems to appear in our heads. The information might be a repetition of concepts or thoughts.
For instance, if you misplace something and ask the angels for help finding it, the location will just come to mind. It should be effortless. Just let the knowledge come to you.
People frequently claim that they have their best ideas when they first wake up, while taking a shower, or when working out. You cleanse your energy field when you take a shower, which makes it easier to hear more information. When you work out or meditate, the same thing takes place. Deep breathing creates a pathway for ideas to flow more freely between the head and heart chakras. Most entrepreneurs and inventors are claircognizant, and they can succeed greatly when they listen to this kind of divine advice.

How can you tell if a message is coming from your ego or Clair cognizance.

Angelic messages are usually founded on love rather than fear. Angelic messages will be repeating, uplifting, and kind. You will always be drawn into the feelings of fear, dread, and guilt by the ego. Claircognizant information appears to suddenly appear in your thoughts when you are thinking about something else. Your ego & thoughts typically make you feel awful or negative about you or a circumstance. Claircognizance typically provides sound advice. People who possess this ability can simply tell whether someone is lying to them, when something is correct or wrong, and when the phone is ringing. Keep in mind that when you hear or see something that makes your heart leap for joy, you can be certain that it is meant just for you. It is a means for your spirit to let you know that you are seeing something that is meant for you. It is more of a soul's recognition of a path already predetermined for you than it is envy or lust. With grace, accept it. Claircognizance then refers to the state of having an intuitive knowledge of something. It occurs when an idea just randomly enters your thoughts. You gain knowledge regarding a specific person, circumstance, or upcoming occurrence.

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