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Can We Trust The Tarot Card Reading ?

By samgry |

December 20, 2022

The mind behind the tarot reading?

When the flow of life is treating you well one seems to be blind to the spiritual essence that surrounds the daily lives of society. It is often during the darkest times in life that one begins to question the self, the others, and life. The darkest times is when the spiritual energy seeks you most or vice versa when the seeker seeks the energy for comfort. The darkest times is the moment where there is only the help of the divine interference, and the naked eye cannot grasp what the inner knowing is aware of. In the chaos of the mind is when we look for solutions outside of our natural self. In chaos of the world, where no one was able to connect and enjoy gathering. The interest of the occult was on the rise to expansion and awareness. Tarot began to answer the questions of the people. Revealing all secrets of the hidden and exposing the illusions that stood in place of the truth. Only when silence surrounds the solitude that is where we discover the secrets of the universe. A moment when we may experience the awareness of what has been hidden and seek the comfort of the higher power for refuge to lead the darkness into light. The tarot has been a rising subject on social media platforms now more than ever. As a reader I notice the interest, the amazement, and the neediness of the seekers. As a seeker I empathize with the questions of the teller and the wonders of deceitful motives of the tarot messages.

Truthful messages from tarot cards

In more than often than other moments there are sessions where messages that deliver pain and agony. And in some cases where comfort is given but the honesty of the tarot cards remains in question. Even during times of truthful messages are revealed it is still a remaining question to if the tarot messages are accurate. And or if they can or should be trusted. In the trend of the tarot, the popularity is motivating tarot baby bloomers to delve into walking the path of the fool. While most humans seek guidance from others to lead them out of their watery emotional breakdowns. I choose to swim in the waters of darkness and discover the inner light. In my own approach and lessons through walking the path of the fool. I can give an answer to the question of the honesty of the tarot. The tarot is a 78 symbolic numerical card deck that is deciphering symbols and images to formulate answers and discover the context to the placement of each card. The cards do not verbally speak for their voice is that of the giver. The seeker asks the questions the cards are drawn, and the messages are delivered. Theoretically the cards deliver integrity the messages are in relation to the questionable situation.

The tarot can be trusted, But can the reader?

However, the energetic field surrounding the session is where there is a bigger truth being delivered. Energy does not lie. It can be altered it can be manipulated transmuted but cannot be masked. That realization is what answers the question for it is not the integrity of the tarot for the meaning of the cards stays the same. But the messages decoded by the giver is what is in question. Not in the experience of the giver or the motives it is the mind of the reader. For the tarot is the tool used by the messenger and the messages are the interpretation of the symbols given by the tarot through relationship with the divine. And through the connection of the heart which is the master mind behind the tarot. In the tarot you can trust the cards that are displayed for the deliver the truth. However, the master mind behind the tarot is where the question of integrity remains. The tarot can be trusted but can the reader? Find the best tarot readers in our Samgry.

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