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Mars Direct And How It Is Beneficial For All The zodiac signs

By samgry |

January 13, 2023

Mars Direct And How It Is Beneficial For All The zodiac signs

Mars, what is there I can say pertaining to the fiery planet.? Mars is the 2nd smallest planet in the solar system. This planet is associated with the bright fire color that it is known for which is red. This reddish firecracker planet was widely known to man's early civilizations and then and now can still be seen from earth by the naked eye. Mars was associated with the Roman Greek God Ares, which is also the zodiac sign in rulership of this planet. Aries. The Ram. In relevance to the man. This planet is also in connection with the root chakra. This is because this planets energy affects all energetic fields of its reins just as all the planets affect us in some form or another. So, the root chakra is all about focusing on the survival mode. It is all about the fierceness in your sass. The opposite which is also the cure to the reins of mars furry is the planet of Venus. Ever heard of that sweet saying Men are from Mars and Woman are from Venus? There is a great book in simulation to the phrase just stated look into it for deeper feel of the Mars Venus correlations. Mars is a ball of diplomatic energy. You will feel the rath of mars if necessary. Especially if you have any houses and or planets in any accommodation to Mars and or Aries within your astrological birth chart. Wherever these planets Mars Venus and zodiac sign of Aries is where you will locate the destruction and instructions for mastering the Mars energy is a delightful way. The planet of mars can be summed up by the characteristics of : spunky, persistent, determined, conceded, convinced angry, sarcastic, vulgar, lively, sassy, Baby Boss status. And what it rules for us is our passions and our drive the motivation. What are desires to fight and how we will fight. It is in relevance to the human sex life. Passionate relations. This is also in connection to the masculine energy of all humankind. It is how we express our anger what makes you tick. SO, you see, there is a delightful side to Mars, but also there is a destructive side. We will see in how Mars chooses to direct its energy throughout the twelve houses.

Mars In Aries

Mars in the zodiac sign of Aries is all about you. Mars is in its home in the sign of Aries fire element. These baby bosses love to throw about a pout and even shout some. Better yet demand. They will fight to get what they want and have no problem being anal about it. They love passion and flings here in this house, (there some hoes in this house) Aries takes pride in their sex appeal in this house and can be a hot head.

Mars In Taurus

Here Mars in Taurus is like bringing money to everything and anything you do. If it is negatively in aspect with other planets it could be warning about being controlling with money. This may even be to the point of greedy. There is a stubborn energy that reins you with mars in this house there may be lessons that you will learn because of this vital energy. Be careful taurus.

Mars In Gemini

With Mars in the zodiac sign of Gemini we have fire and air element. This may make you someone who is able to carry out conversations with anyone and everyone. Here you can be a charmer and charismatic. Also, the negative side of Mars in Gemini is that you can be manipulative. This placement shows signs of dishonesty. Too smart for their own good. On the positive side, very intelligent and could make money using their Mind.

Mars In Cancer

With Mars in Cancer, we are looking at energies of Fire and Water element. This means that when it comes to your love life, your mama, your children, no one messes that up and gets away with it. Here there is hurricane that will come with a whirlwind of passionate rage if they must. This is a fight or die type of energy. These are emotional passionate being. A big romantic and always taking the initiative to gifting and loving their partner. Even to the point of hoovering over there every move in amazement but also in a questionable way. No Cancer not everyone has negative motives. Do you?

Mars In Leo

Mars in Leo is fire on fire energy. These divas come with a whole lotta and I mean big lotta energy. You will know that the mars in Leo person is in the house and if not, they surely will open your eyes. This placement gives I am hot, and she is not type of vibe. They can be dominant in the bedroom and like to have multiple choice in options with lovers. If you cannot hold your own do does not expect the Leo mars hold you down because they will show no mercy when they kick a scrub to the curb. They don't have Lucious hair for nothing they whip it out when they must...

Mars In Virgo

Mars in Virgo is showing the determination in your foundation and higher learning. You may be interested in evolving spiritually. This may be the focus of your growth, you can be someone who delivers great advice and you are there for others when they need you. There is a passionate mothering nature within you and children may respond to you readily. Solitary moments are a theme in your life and mars delivers the strength to confide in the comfort of solitude. If there are any restrictions in your life focusing on this energy will allow you to transmute the energy surrounding the negative aspects of Mars In Virgo. Just remain humble throughout the struggle it will pay off.

Mars In Libra

The energy surrounding Mars in Libra is striving for peace. This person will fight for their right to have peace in a partnership, if a relationship is chaotic this is someone who will go looking for comfort somewhere else. And they will get what they have their eyes on. They are laid back and charismatic. They love balance and beauty and booty. They are aroused with beauty and can have a wandering eye if they are lacking passion in the relationship. They are cutthroat and have no problem speaking out about any injustices.

Mars In Scorpio

With this energy there is a sex appeal dynamic to what this type of placement in a personal chart. There are negatives as well as positive traits that this mischievous persona moves about. You may be very distinctive when choosing your lovers there is a certain originality that rules their character. You may be addictive and or have addictive behaviors or suffer from addiction. You can have emotional outburst to the point that you lose yourself and get out of character. It's as if Mars ignites fury in the depths of the watery secrets that are hidden. The description for this is as if the sea monster (you) sends out such beauty in the eyes of the onlookers so they dive in to exploring the depths of your sea however, once in your grasp they drown or are eaten during a raging outburst.

Mars In Sagittarius

For this Fire-on-Fire Element there is some hot and heavy competition with NOBODY said all the Mars in Saggy chart holders. There is everything to love about you because you are a hot mess and don't give anything about it. You are a person who follows their dreams and goals. In the aim of your perfection, you will succumb any objections. Money motivated you can make money move. Just because it doesn't come easy for others don't let them dim your spark. Time is money and you don't got time Saggy just stay focused and remain optimistic. IF they dull your energy then they will dull your life. And your too FIREY for the weak and Mars will show you.

Mars in Capricorn

Mars in Capricorn with this mar's placement you are a strong and bold leader. You know what you want and how you want it done so you do it on your own. You don't mind being in charge and have the drive and stamina to do so. There is an assertive energy that surrounds you it is mistaken for bossiness at times. You are dedicated to a selected few and keep your circle small. You are a social butterfly. however, you enjoy the comforts of your own home. No one can do it like you Capricorn so keep doing it.

Mars in Aquarius

Mars in Aquarius is fire on air element. This is the kind of aspect that has Aquarius feeling like they can do whatever they want to do, and they will. You are not easy to tie down. There is a whimsical denouncement about you that you portray naturally. You forget about the opinions, and you hear them You just don't care. Lol. That Is your attitude because your original and just go on about your business. When others try to mess up your vision you will leave them in a jiffy. You can come off as indecisive to someone who you leave in the dark about things. You hate liars Aquarius although you yourself is a bit of a liar. You may be called flaky.

Mars In Pisces

With Mars energy in the sign of Pisces is all about fulfilling oneself. And doing a lot of you. You are someone who feels things out and does things best on your own. You like to be under your own reins and doing things that make you feel worthwhile. There is a nurturing side that not very many people get to see. Only those who you deemed as loyal is who you remain loyal too. The water element with the fire dynamics of Mars is like an added super charge for your intuition. It is very potent, and you can tap into conscious and unconscious levels of other people's minds. Psychic is a way to faintly put it into description. The gut feeling in you is never wrong.  

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