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Manifesting Abundance In The Year 2023

By samgry |

December 22, 2022

Anticipating the energy of 2023

First off, we are starting off the year 2023 with a 7-year energetic number. So, this is calculated by the sum of the numbers 2+0+2+3=7. This means that the year 2023 is influenced by the energy of the number 7. The number 7 is incorporating choices. It is an energy that allows for there to be a deeper understanding of what is needed to fulfill the self. It means to concentrate on the good things that are partaking and be in the here and now. Also, let go of all past inflictions and incorporate any needed adjustments. For some this will be a time when some major changes are possible. There is no way to prepare for the unknown. There is only the ability to remain grounded in the here and now. In addition to the 7 energetic 2023 year, combining the energy for you on a personal year level, will formulate a formula to work with the energies for you during the 2023 year.

Embracing the possibilities of the year 2023

Basically, discovering what personal year number is influencing the 2023 year for you will give an advantage on the underlying influence that will be the foundation of this year and what is necessary for the waters to sail smoothly for this year. I showed you the equation to formulate the energetic year globally, for 2023 take 2+0+2+3= 7. SO, the number 7 is what we will be adding the next equation to. Firstly. take your birthday and I will use an example; my birthday is April 30, so my equation is 0+4+3+0=7. Wow! Double 7 energy that is big energy. The final step is to take the number of the energetic year which we know is 7 + 7 = 14 (1+4=5) so 5 is the underlying energy for myself. The reason I simplified the sum of 14 is because there can only be single digit years. 1-9 are the standard year energies. So, any sums that are double digits calculates for your personal year must be simplified into a single digit and you do this by adding the 2 digits together until it is simplified into a single digit. On a scale of energy influences from the number 1-9 means that on a personal level, the number will foresee most of 2023. But we will dive briefly into each of the numbers, and you can formulate your own future predictions for 2023.  

Each epicycle for the numbers 1-9 has its own mood and atmosphere.

Personal Year Number 1: is the energy of all about the self. So, with the 1 energy all self-assertive prospects will be on the agenda. Glowing up through your grow up is the remedy for this one energy. Personal Year Number 2: is the relating to relationships. It is about focusing on collaboration. There is also a need to be tentative to your personal relationships professionally, romantically, and socially. Be choosey. Personal Year Number 3: is all about being creative, it is about being to be open mind to the new ventures that are in reach. The 3 energy is asking to think outside the box and begin letting the creative side lead you to your gains. Be original. Personal Year Number 4: Ask to be sure about what is necessary to keep and what must die off. It is about getting down to the nitty gritty and organizing projects, life, your dresser. It is relating to establishing stability in 4 corner spaces. Get Grounded. Personal Year Number 5: is asking you to be willing to work for what it is you want the 2023 year. There will be some small challenges to succumb however, the reward in doing so will benefit your growth. The need to not react to opposing forces comes from true inner strength. Personal Year Number 6: is asking you to bring balance into the situation. It is asking you to balance life work and your goals. Not to be so scattered in your energy; Know that not everything and anything requires multi-tasking moves. Personal Year Number 7: is a year to make wise choices. It is asking for meditation and silence. The much-needed time for resting is require for any chance available. There will be a desire to discover what is hidden when quieting the mind. Be still. Personal Year Number 8: is inevitable growth. This is a year of reaping what you sewed. It is the time for recognition and for sustaining the momentum and success in here. All the tools have been gave for success and now is your time. Good Job Personal Year Number: 9 The situation number 9 is asking you to let go all the stress. It is stating that there will be a big conclusion to what has been binding you a relationship, a person, a place, an addiction, a fear. It is coming to an end; big changes and it may be heartbreaking it may feel uncomfortable. Just know that in every ending there is a new beginning. Make it enough.  

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