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Mala Beads: A Tool For Mantra Practice

By samgry |

January 2, 2023

Mala beads for meditation

Mala beads also sometimes known as Buddhist prayer beads are long necklace type tools usually used in mantra meditation practices. Sometimes mala beads are worn as jewelry, The mala beads are necklaces typically containing 108 beads on them. The 108 beads are in representation of spiritual completion and is in attest to the single guru bead to signify the beginning and end of the count cycle. During the meditation sessions the practitioners pass each bead between their thumb and finger count a breath or a mantra focus. When Mala Beads are not in use, they make great jewelry accessories and can be worn to experience the various metaphysical benefits depending on the minerals and the beads they are made of. Each color of the Mala bead necklaces is in representation assorted by the color and some of the nest minerals to choose from with individual spiritual qualities.

The meaning of mala beads

Black Black is the color in association with protection as well as success. Black crystals are often said to protect against negative energy and can assist in working with the shadow self. Smokey quartz Neutralizes negative vibrations, detoxifies protects against EMFT, removes negativity and relieves stress. Black Onyx It Transforms negative energy and protects energetic field for personal development. Obsidian Shields against negativity relieves mental stress tension. Blue Mala beads It is associates with peace relaxation and its color is linked to the feelings of calm and can represent the soothing nature of the ocean for many. Blue Aventurine Balances emotions boosts positivity regulates the nervous system. Blue tigers' eye Reduces stress and anxiety promotes calm and brings deep rooted issues to light. Lapis lazuli promotes self-awareness and expression increases compassion to others and oneself. Blue sky jasper strengthens confidence, empowers and encourages the truth and wisdom. Brown Mala Beads Represent mother earth and have grounding effects their color stands for stability reliability and warmth. Sandalwood anxiety relieves and reduces irritability and aggressions and that enhances meditation. Bodhi seed It brings peace and wisdom.

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