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How Does the Universe Reflect Spiritual Principles?

By samgry |

August 9, 2023

How Does the Universe Reflect Spiritual Principles?

In the universe, everyone and everything is governed by seven Universal Laws or Principles. The seven Universal Laws are a common thread among ancient mystical, occult, and hidden teachings.  These laws govern the universe in absolute harmony and order. You must comprehend, put into practice, and align yourself with these seven Universal Laws.  Let us first understand what these laws are and how they affect us.
  • Law of Vibration

Every particle in the universe is always moving and carrying energy, says the Law of Vibration. Everything also has a unique energy frequency. This holds true for all things in the cosmos, including planets, stars, chairs, and even mobile phones.  Both high and low-energy particles are naturally attuned to one another.
  • The Law of Correspondence

The Law of Analogy, also known as the Law of Similarity, states that things in the universe mirror what exists on a larger scale. For example, physical matter can be found on every level of existence, from molecules in the air to galaxies in space. The same applies to our minds and spirits, they are one part of an interconnected whole.  In other words, since everything including you is Mind, there is no separation between one's mind and body. The key idea here is that patterns repeat throughout the universe and can even be found on a very small scale within us as well.
  • Law of Attraction

The key to having the things you desire in life is to vibrate at the same frequency as these things. Generally speaking, you attract more of the same in your life when you are positive, proactive, and loving. In contrast, discouragement and fear will result in more negative experiences in all areas of your life. By working to live more positively even just today, you're already using what some call "The Secret", a method of achieving success through visualization and positive thinking combined with an understanding of how your thoughts create reality.
  • The Law of Rhythm

This Law states that anytime something reaches a climax, a downward swing begins quietly and continues until any forward motion has virtually been reversed. The cycle then repeats again when the forward motion resumes. You must develop the ability to spot the subtle first signs of a downward tendency in everything you do. Instead of working against it, let nature do its work and wait for the pendulum to swing back again. 
  • The Law of Cause and Effect

The Law of Cause and Effect, which states that every action has an equivalent reaction, is one of the universe's simplest rules. Your spiritual life can have an effect on the world around you, either positively or negatively. Like your spirituality, your physical surroundings can influence it, either positively or negatively. 
  • The Law of Gender
The masculine and feminine energies are equally important in the creation of anything. The conscious mind's directive nature, as well as its connection to logic, is what helps us achieve our goals. The subconscious mind, which includes wants and emotions, is what helps our conscious minds achieve them. Both genders have to work together to produce the same result.
  •  Law of Polarity

According to the Law of Polarity, everything has its polar opposite, and it is precisely the existence of these opposites that enables us to comprehend our existence. As a result, when you experience a challenging situation, it will be this that enables you to fully appreciate the positive events to follow. You can improve your courage in trying circumstances by frequently reminding yourself of this. 

Do These Spiritual Principles Affect Us?

Everyone must be aware that these universal laws apply to them even if they are not aware of them. Your life is continually influenced by these principles. Therefore, it is best to understand, embrace, appreciate, and utilize them to your benefit. Because they are ingrained in the fabric of the universe, these Universal Principles are applicable to every tradition, society, and religion. At  Samgry, our benevolent clairvoyants will help you understand these laws and guide you toward aligning your life to these principles.


When you understand how these seven Universal Laws work together to help you unlock your actual potential as an authentic human being, you will experience transformation in every part of your life that goes far beyond anything you could have ever imagined. When you do not grasp the relationship between the spiritual principles, you may feel lost, frustrated, and confused about your mission. It may even feel like everything is going wrong for you, no matter how well you believe you've planned.

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