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How Angels And Spirits Communicate?

By samgry |

December 23, 2022

How angels and spirits communicate?

Spirits and angels are essential guides in your path of spiritual development and finding life's meaning. They help you see what is going on in your life and steer you toward your goals. While you may feel their presence now and again, they are just energy that resonates with your soul and desires. Your guardian angels or spirits watch over your life and when it is their time to intervene, they do so in many forms. While some take a corporeal form to reach out to you, others use mediums or clairs as a form of communication. They are various forms of clairs namely Clairvoyance(clear seeing) Clairaudience(clear hearing) Claircognizance(clear knowing) Clairsentience(clear feeling) We, as humans, naturally possess at least one or two clairs naturally. These clairs come into play when there is a presence in your life. Simply put, they become active or alert when angels or spirits try to communicate with us. There are other types of clairs as well, such as Clairgustance(clear tasting) Clairalience(clear smelling) At times, we feel a breath of fresh air out of nowhere or receive a whiff of a memory long forgotten. A sudden taste of alcohol on the tip of your tongue or it might feel like a sickly sweet flavour that you can't get rid of. The sudden hit of taste or smell indicates the presence of higher energy or power trying to guide you on the right path. However, you can focus and train regularly to bring the repressed clairs into action. After all, these are gifts that are meant to be developed and shared. Out of all the clairs, the four important ones are clairvoyance, clairaudience, claircognizance, and clairsentience. We will focus on these prominent clairs and help you discover secrets hidden within yourself.  

To unlock your clairs, Follow this:

Get your dose of nature for the day. You can either walk in the park barefoot or take a hike into deep forests to feel the nature inside you. Nature helps unlock the power of clairs, so it is recommended to do it at least half hour everyday. Talk a long and relaxing shower after you are done with your day. This washes away the dirt, grim of the outside and makes you feel fresh. Whether it is office you are returning from or just a grocery store, a long shower is a must if you want to reach your potential Meditate. Meditation is the crux of self-awareness. Every religion in the world has one or other form of meditation to help individuals attain peace and become one with their conciousness. Meditating twice everyday can help you become more centered. You are what you eat. So eat light to feel more energy in your body. Avoid sugars, alcohol, nicotine and caffeine in your diet. This will help your body focus only on taking in the positives. Drama is never good for the mind. While it is entertaining, drama disassociates the brain and deviates it from important topics. So, it helps in limiting social media, violent or depressing news and bloody or gory shows. Drugs are foriegn to the body and attract a lot of negative energy. Stay away from all kinds of drugs if you truly want enlightment of your clairs.

Changing of your lifestyle

Changing your routine all of a sudden can send your mind and boy into chaos. However, you must try your best to stay on the right path, even if it seems drastic at times. After all, the more receptive and calm you are, the more open you become for angel communication. This will also improve your attention, intuition, awareness and heighten your connection to the divine. Another wonderful way to open up open your clairs is through exercise. The rhythmic flow and structured movement of the body allows more positive reception of energy or in your case, messages from the spirits trying to communicate with you. As you breathe deeply and exhale slowly, you are welcoming everything positive into your life and rejecting the negativity. Showering also has the same effect as exercise. And I am sure you knew that. Because, some of our best ideas strike us when we are having a hot and relaxing shower or a cold one too, if that's your preference. This is because, you have emptied your mind and cleansed your energy field, making yourself open for communication. Moreover, running water generates energy by creating an electromagnetic field. Angels and spirits are attracted to this kind of energy.

To develop of your clairs

Good physical health and great psychological state of mind are crucial in developing your clairs. There are seven chakras or energy centers in our bodies that absorb the energy we attract. These chakras are related to the clairs, so attracting positive energy will also benefit opening your clairs. If you are drawing negative energy through drama or junk food, your chakras can get blocked in turn slowing down the development of your clairs. So, my dear readers, if your want to open up yourself to the divine connection and communication, you must understand your mind and body. Following the above instructions everyday with thorough discipline will surely aid you in mastering your clairs.

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