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Explore The Ancient Practice Of Astrology

By samgry |

December 23, 2022

Explore the ancient practice of astrology

Every first breath of life is the inevitable. It is the human gift the ability to breathe. At every moment of birth there is a configuration in the skies which is articulate to the human life. The stars, planets, and the celestials are align to map out a story in which history has been written and the revelations of the human psychic. This is a story in the skies wrote for every individual is on a personal level. No one can have the same chart as the other and there are some forces and absent dignities that are inherit in each chart. There is astrological wheel is calculates based on the movement of the sun and the moon and also the planets. The sun takes a year to orbit through each of the 12 signs. This means that the sun spends about 1 month (29-31 days) in each sign. The 360 degrees of an astrological wheel is divides into degrees based on the distance between 4 power points. Which are located in the chart, the Ascendant (AC), Mid-heaven (MC), Descendant (DC) Ilium Coli (IC), which are the degrees of axis.

The degrees of the astrology chart

There are 30,60,90,120, and so forth degrees marked in the chart points. The axis is the points to where the sun was located at the time of birth. This is also a simulation to the time of birth of the person. These degree points now set out the rest of the following degree points located in the personal chart. The 360 degrees in the wheel are divides into 12 because there are 12 signs in the zodiacs that the sun must orbit. This means that the 12 portions of the 360 degrees is made up of 30-degree houses. ' These 30-degree houses are then divides by 10 degrees. Which resonate with each of the 10 degrees of decans for each sign. 0-10 degrees the first decan and 11-19 degrees of the second decan and 20-30 degrees is the last decan of the sign. The first degrees of the sign may be overshadow by the previous sign due to its early degrees of the sign. In addition, the critical degree of the sign is those of the final degrees of the third decan which is 27 t0 30 degrees. Critical degree points that mark a pivotal point in the person's life.

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